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Dental Implants and Smile Makeovers — Restore Your Smile

Don’t let crooked, chipped, stained, or missing teeth keep you from smiling. At Kendall Dental Associates, we offer a variety of advanced restorative procedures to bring beauty and functionality back to your smile. From advanced implant dentistry to comprehensive smile makeovers, our highly trained dentists can take care of all of your dental issues.

Dental Implants

Dental implants offer a permanent solution to missing teeth. Unlike dentures, which are removable, implants are permanent artificial teeth that can replace one or more missing teeth. Implant cylinders can be used to stabilize partial or full dentures. In addition to restoring beauty to a smile, implants also improve chewing and speaking ability, and prevent surrounding teeth from shifting out of place.

During the implant procedure, a titanium cylinder is surgically implanted into the jawbone to act as an artificial root. After several months, the bone in the jaw will fuse to the implant, making it extremely strong and stable. Once the implant is secure, a natural-looking artificial tooth is attached for permanent replacement of a missing tooth.

All of our dentists have advanced training in implant dentistry, and perform both the surgical placement of implant cylinders, as well as the precise creation of artificial teeth. We are proud to offer our patients a range of high quality dental implants from Nobel Biocare™, a leader in the field of implant dentistry.

Smile Makeovers

If you require more than one cosmetic procedure to restore your smile, you may be a good candidate for a smile makeover. In some cases, we can complete a combination of several cosmetic and restorative dental procedures in one visit. Our dentists will examine your teeth and speak with you about the look you envision for your smile. Then, they will create a treatment plan to achieve the look you desire.

Our dentists have performed many smile makeovers, from basic teeth whitening and dental bonding, to complex porcelain veneer and dental crown procedures. We use porcelain veneers to cover imperfections in the front teeth, while dental crowns are best for adding stability to damaged teeth or for covering the entire surface of a tooth. Oftentimes, we can correct gaps and crooked teeth with veneers and crowns; however, we may suggest Invisalign® orthodontics for optimal results. After a smile makeover at Kendall Dental Associates, you will have a straight, white, beautiful smile.

An Instant Makeover through Dental Bonding

In some cases, an instant makeover can be achieved through the use of dental bonding. During the procedure, a tooth-colored material is bonded onto the surface of a tooth and sculpted to the desired shape. Bonding can quickly and easily cover minor chips, cracks, and discolorations in one tooth or many teeth for a complete makeover.

Custom Dental Restoration with Procera® Technology

We offer an advanced technology for on-site custom fabrication of dental restorations: the Procera® System.

The Procera® System

Using the Procera® system by Nobel Biocare™, we are able to custom manufacture your porcelain crown or bridge for a precise fit. The system utilizes advanced scanning, CAD/CAM, and manufacturing technologies with biocompatible materials to make high quality, individualized dental restorations.

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